Poreto is a Portuguese brand created in 2017. It is aimed at men who are knowledgeable and followers of trends and who are characterized by their irreverence, confidence, and attitude. The Poreto customer appreciates high standards of quality.
The irreverence of the brand is mirrored by the image of its customers, therefore there is no other brand in the market with the same product.

PORETO, Latin name, associated with a successful, complex and outgoing identity.
It has a strand for admiration and to be admired that gives it the incessant need of adaptation to achieve perfection. The colors that define it, among others, is the Black, which translates into professionalism and perfection. The animal that expresses it, is the scorpion, which assigns it the personality of independence and striving for its goals, this element remounts to the dominance, resilience, wealth and renewal.

PORETO’s is a 100% Portuguese brand that designs and produces fashion accessories for men, with all the products made in silver, leather and other Nobel materials.
All PORETO jewelry products are recognized by INCM, which gives it the originality and truthfulness of the noble materials.